Mother, I took you for granted.

You yolked me in an egg’s albumen.
Yet I exposed myself to your enemies.
You enveloped me in warmth and protection .
Yet I ran back into the lion’s den.
You squeezed the juice out of me.
Carved and molded me out of nothing.
Yet I crawled back into iota of nothingness.
I snored away the blissful night.
In the belly of my pillow.
Yet you ask God to guide me to the straight path.

You gave the best education you afford.
Giving the best luxuries you accord
To the best son you adored.
Only to give you his foot as your applaud.
You gave me food.
To make my stomach full.
But I became a needless fool.
Advising me turned you into a counselor.
Paying attention I became your listener.
Needless to say, I was an advise –kicker.
You yearned I become fertile.
I crossed fingers, your futile.

And when I started growing.
I kept on crying.
For the pain I have been causing.
Oh mother, you are pleasing to my eyes.
I prayed that you keep long.
To see me transform.
Into the man you want.
I will never let you down.




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